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Get to know the current Oromo Community of Pennsylvania's Public Servants 

              Current Board Members:
Mr. Abel Dessalegn.... Chairman
Mrs. Hirut Amante (Titi)... Public Relations
Mr. Shimellis Bedane...Auditor
Mr. Seyoum Mengesha... the Secretary
Mr. Bati Ayana 

        Current Executive Committee Members:
Mr. Diriba Gonfa...... the President
Mr. Sintayehu Garoma.... the Vice President
Mrs. Chaltu Guja ..... the Treasurer
Mr. Fikiru Gari .......  Public Relations
Mr. Napol Dhufera....
 the Secretary

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Our Mission

The Oromo Community Organization of Pennsylvania was  established in 1994 for an advocacy, charity and educational purpose. The Oromo Community Organization in Pennsylvania is a nonpolitical non-religious organization that promotes the Oromo culture among Oromos and their non-Oromo friends from in and around the state of Pennsylvania. It is also the mission of the organization to disseminate awareness about the human right abuse against Oromos anywhere and advocate against any human right violations. The goal of this organization is to inspire hope, provide service and be part of a force that establishes stable communities in our area and the Oromo community in particular.


Its major objectives are:

Ø To encourage Oromo community in Pennsylvania and its neighboring states through education, sports and other social activities to appreciate their culture, language and heritage.

Ø To provide counseling to newly arriving and existing Oromo people and other help seeking immigrants, to enable them to be self-supporting and productive citizens.

Ø To create and develop mutual understanding and cooperation among other communities in Diaspora.

Ø To advocate, educate and inform the plight of our Oromo nation and Oromo land to the American people and government.

Ø To expose and advocate human rights violation and injustice on the Oromo people in Oromia.

Ø To coordinate and provide voluntary community services as required to the cities and townships across our state.

Ø To promote mutual understanding and cooperation between cultural diversities here in Pennsylvania and other places in the USA.

Ø To promote and teach the Oromo language and culture.

Ø To coordinate social services to community members at the time of happiness and sorrow.

Oromo Community Organization of Pennsylvania
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Membership Fee Payment for 2020
Membership Fee Payment for 2020

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